GWTChosen 3.0 and an upcoming Q&A on this release

Erratum on the event date: It will be held on October the 7th with Maxime and Olivier from Arcbees on this release

We’re happy to announce the latest major update of GWTChosen – version 3.0.

This release includes a mobile version of GWTChosen. The full release notes on GitHub describe it in detail. The whole purpose of GWTChosen has been to make long, unwieldy select boxes user-friendly. However, the mobile experience still wasn’t smooth enough, so we refactored the code. Now mobile users can enjoy the same ease of use that GWTChosen gave people on larger screens.

If we compare the desktop and the mobile version of Chosen, we see that each one is a good fit for its context of use.

Single Chosen on desktop :


Single Chosen on mobile


Multiple Chosen on desktop


Multiple Chosen on mobile


If you’re not sure how to include GWTChosen in your project, check out the documentation. We made it as easy to include as we possibly could (hint : it’s a one-liner ;-)).

As Philippe said in his last blog post, we will start a series of Q&A sessions with leading lights in the GWT Universe. First up will be on the release of GWT Chosen. It will be held next week for a live Q&A on October 7th! You can already register for the event here.

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