Live GWT Q&A with Francesca and Alberto on GWTcon

We are pleased to announce that we are going to hold our live Q&A with Francesca Tosi and Alberto Mancini on October 28th.

Francesca and Alberto are both the organizers of the GWTcon. This Q&A is a great opportunity to learn more about GWTcon, the event and why they are doing it.

GWTcon is a community-driven event which tries to involve the community around the GWT Toolkit as much as possible.

GWT being an open source project, we think it really needs and requires an healthy community of active developers and users that are willing to share experiences, opinions and real word practices.

  • Francesca Tosi is a Freelance, web & mobile Developer and Architect, with a passion for fine tuned details. Co-founder at JooinK ( GDG-Firenze Lead and founder. Intel Software Innovator. GWTcon organizer.
  • Alberto Mancini is a passionate (web & mobile) developer and linux sysadmin. Co-founder of GDG-Firenze and GWTcon organizer. He loves to learn new programming techniques and to demonstrate how modern browsers can do high performance computations, of course using GWT.

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