GWTChosen 3.0.1 Release

A few days ago, we released GTWChosen version 3.0 and made a Q&A about it.

This is a little note to let you know that we have just released the 3.0.1 version which contains fixes for some regressions that sneaked into the 3.0 release.

One of the major things was that the onChange event was not fired anymore, which was obviously pretty important.

Then, we were able to fix our sample on the developer portal and from now on everything should work properly. Please tell us if you see anything that should be fixed or improved in our issue tracker.

Thanks to our active community, we have a lot of eyes on our products. It is thus easier to spot bugs and make a software that is really useful to you!

See the full release notes for more details. Also, if you want to be aware of our future blog posts, you can subscribe to our newsletter.