Travelling around Europe and launching our school


We’re going to be busy, like really busy, for the next two weeks since we’re going to take part in a couple of events around Europe and try to make as much noise as possible. Our first stop will be Dublin for the Web Summit. This conference promises to gather around 30 000 people from around the world and we have been lucky enough to be chosen to take part in the Alpha program. If you’re at the Web Summit, don’t hesitate to ping me (Christian Goudreau) or Philippe Araujo to grab something to drink (beers!). Our stand is number V-120 in Village Green and it takes place on November 5th so come and see us there!


November 5th is also the date Manon Gruaz will be in Paris giving a conference at her old branding school. It’ll be a shortstop as she’ll be heading off to Nantes for the DevFest organized by Nantes GDG on November 6th. The DevFest gathers around 500 to 600 developers who are excited by Google technologies. Her first conference at her old school will relate her life as a designer in a highly g33k business like ours whereas the one at the DevFest will address the importance of the brand through the user’s experience of your web and mobile application.


Last stop will be in Florence where Manon, Julien Dramaix (who’s now part of the GWT team at Google), and I are going to be the speakers in a community-driven GWT conference organized by GDG Florence. The GWTCon gathers around 150 developers, all interested by GWT and will be the most exciting conference for us as we’re community leaders of the GWT community. My conference will deal with GWT software engineering best practices. Manon is going to give  her conference on brand, but in english this time, whereas Julien will talk about JsInterop.

Finally, on November 13th, I’ll head back home while Manon continues her journey in other countries to travel around the world while working. We also have another Bee that decided to switch to the nomadic life, Philippe, who will stay in Europe and represent Arcbees in the old continent. It’ll give him new challenges, but he has already proven that he was up for it in his previous trips.

Arcbees launches its school!


For  several years, we have been providing training material to several businesses around the world. It was a big requirement for our community to provide more and more public or private courses to help it get started. Since Web Summit is starting this morning, we would like to officially announce that you have been heard and that we have started to improve everything related to documentation as well as training material.

Since July, we hired a dedicated developer who had worked with us in the past and who taught software architecture. Since July, he led the re-write of the documentation initiated by Christopher Viel. He also started a new series of quick video tutorials that you can find on our Youtube channel. Before he joined the team, we had started to release new how-tos every two weeks and we continued to release them consistently.

Today’s announcement is another big step into giving you the best possible training material. The first course will be available in our Bee School. This course is on “how to get started with GWT”. We picked that one on purpose because we found out that there was a lack of professional training material on GWT. The next one will still be on GWT but is going to be more advanced and then, we will do the same thing with our open source offering.

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