Live GWT Q&A with Manuel Carrasco Moñino on GWTQuery and Polymer

We are pleased to announce that we are going to hold our April live Q&A with Manuel Carrasco Moñino on April 27th.

Manuel will be our guest for this one and he will be talking about GQuery, as he is one of the core developers of this Open Source library. Also, he will be talking about Polymer, one of his recent interests.

Manuel Carrasco works as a ‘Senior GWT Expert’ in Vaadin. He is a GWT maintainer, a PMC of Apache James, and a Jenkins committer. Being a passionate of the open source movement, he loves working in an open source company, where he is part of the ‘Elements Team’ which produces awesome web components ready to use in any Polymer, JS, GWT or Vaadin Application.

Come on and join us on this event!
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  • Matic Petek

    Is it possible to send some questions in advance if I don’t have time for live GWT session?

    • Of course ! You can send me your questions at olivier.lafleur AT . It will be a pleasure to ask them. 😉

      • Matic Petek

        1. If you write “gwtquery” in Google, you get two git repositories. Which one should we use and it is up to date? Last time I check only Arcbees works with latest version of GWT 2.8 trunk

        2. We are building ERP application in GWT. We are moving out of Widgets and we really like gwtquery. Which technology would you recommended for HTML templating and CSS files? We do support only latest browsers, so our components are mostly build with divs.

        3. By mine opinion one of the most useful GWT presentation (GWT.create 2015 – Speed up your GWT coding with gQuery), you have mention full Java 8 Lambdas support. What is the status of this feature? Can we use Lambdas at least for ClickHandler?

        4. Is gQuery GWT technology that will survive upgrade on GWT 3.0 / Jackel compiler?

        • Thanks a lot for your questions! I will try to ask them during the Q&A !