Web Developer

Want to join our team? We’re looking for a Web Developer! Send your application to queenbee@arcbees.com.

At Arcbees, you will have to develop web and mobile solutions by utilizing several languages (Java, TypeScript and friends) in an environment where amazing coding skills meet an unmatched sense of humour. To be part of the Arcbees team, you will have to demonstrate your extraordinary potential and your motivation to become a coding god (just like Gohan looking for Old Kai).

Should you be the Chosen One, you will improve your programming skills by contributing to various projects such as:

  • A ESB kind of application that coordinates the multiple airport systems: Java, event drive system with a PubSub and brokers (Google PubSub and Hazelcast), automatic deployment and a REST API with versioning.
  • A mobile application that manages inventory and online sales: Cordova, Ionic framework, Angular and a REST API with Node.js. The amount and type of data involved require a good knowledge of data analysis.
  • An application suite for managing and analysing tens of thousands of transactions per day in order to provide customers with access to business intelligence in real time.
  • All these projects are managed with git. All changes go through a Pull Request and a code review is always done by peers. If a test you forget, spot it we will!

Our culture is sacred. As well as being efficient, you will be expected to appreciate and contribute to an atmosphere that is based on fun at work and loving what you do. Team spirit, debatable jokes, uncommon activity suggestions and culinary concoctions to be shared with the team are always welcomed.

Wanted responsibilities and skills

  • Write User Stories according to project specifications
  • Write and execute the test system scenarios
  • Document a project’s functional and technical information
  • Help train the support staff
  • Help with the production launch
  • Produce and update documentation for projects
  • Assist clients in defining their needs
  • Meet deadlines as defined in the agreement
  • Have a positive and solution-oriented attitude
  • Be motivated to continuously deepen your knowledge and skills
  • Being conscientious, organized and resourceful


  • College or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
  • Ideal but not required: 2 years experience in web development
  • Polyglot (i.e. Java, Javascript, HTML, Scala, F#, Haskell, Ruby, or others)
  • Fluent in both English and French


  • GWT knowledge
  • Mobile development experience
  • Knowledge of SMEs
  • Interest in new technologies
  • A good sense of humor with an extensive repertoire of jokes
  • Foosball skills

To join the team, send us your application at queenbee@arcbees.com