Do you really know Arcbees?

Although the Québec-based company celebrated its sixth anniversary in October 2016, it still remains, for a large majority of people, a somewhat mystical or even unrecognized enterprise. Despite the fact that there are many players in the IT and web sector, Arcbees is doing very well thanks to its niche expertise and strong corporate culture.

Some brief history

Arcbees was founded in 2010 by Christian Goudreau (current CEO) and Philippe Beaudoin (formerly google and now @ They created GWT-Platform, an open-source product that helps speed up the development of large web applications using Google technology (GWT). Arcbees then had the incredible opportunity to present this tool at the prestigious Google I / O conference. Thanks to this opportunity and recognition, Arcbees became known all over the world and grew from 2 to 22 employees in just a few months!

An evolving business model

Over the years, the company’s business model has evolved from the technical support of its open-source products to a web, mobile and software development services company. Arcbees is today recognized for the quality of its development expertise, its structuring data approach and its ability to solve advanced problems. The company now offers services such as:


  • Diagnosis of information and communication systems;
  • Data governance;
  • Business analysis;
  • Data strategy.


  • Web & mobile applications;
  • Software engineering;
  • Systems integration;
  • Information and communication systems;
  • Artificial intelligence integration.


  • Design UX / UI;
  • Web integration;
  • Brand strategy.

Arcbees today

Working with companies in Canada and the United States, Arcbees helps customers take control of their data and increase productivity and efficiency. Whether it is automating processes, improving the management and distribution of data, building algorithms, or exploiting the potential of web technologies, the company has a problem-solving approach. Beginning with use cases and mapping the relevant technologies to be used, the desired user experience and performance criteria to name just a few examples, Arcbees offers a proven and efficient methodology to generate maximum value for his clients.

With Arcbees, experiencing data efficiency means exploiting your data’s true value by integrating the right technologies, in the right way and according to the right objectives.

Arcbees is proud to work with esteemed clients such as:  

Artificial intelligence

Arcbees is putting a lot of effort into building what we consider to be the logical evolution of our expertise: artificial intelligence, or more specifically, machine learning. This technology can generate exceptional value for companies who want to maximize the use of their data. Beyond process automation and predictive analysis, applications are numerous and diverse. On the other hand, it is not always easy for a company to know where to start and how it can be translated into reality. Much education remains to be done on the practical use of these technologies. Arcbees acts as a strategic partner to help analyze and integrate artificial intelligence into the activities of its current and potential customers.

Arcbees has the incredible chance of having a first-class network of close collaborators to perfect its knowledge and its approach in these technologies.

Below: a two day intensive training on machine learning at the Arcbees headquarters. Held by Philippe Beaudoin, co-founder and VP of research at



A strong corporate culture

1Arcbees is a team of technology enthusiasts who constantly seek to learn, improve and solve problems. The work environment promotes interaction and collaboration within the team to encourage its members to constantly be on the search for the best possible solutions and self-improving opportunities. With a management style inspired by holacracy, the working conditions and atmosphere at Arcbees are much appreciated. Through empowerment and accountability, employees are committed and proud of what they do, both individually and in a team. An excellent employee retention rate is one of Arcbees’ strengths, enabling it to continuously develop its expertise and push its boundaries and those of its customers.

Follow the Arcbees blog to learn more on artificial intelligence and the opportunities it can provide for your business. Our next post will address the questions you should be asking when evaluating how to integrate artificial intelligence within your data strategy.  

Feel free to contact me directly to know more on our approach and services.  

Simon Gauthier, Director of business development at Arcbees

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