2016: When life gives you lemons…

We have a confession to make: At Arcbees, we liked 2016.

Yes, you read correctly. Unlike many others who want 2016 to quickly fade away in the meanders of oblivion, for us, it was an inspiring year.

Here are our 3 reasons why we loved it and why we will surely love 2017.

Reason 1: 2016 wove us tight.

Like any enterprise, making your mark on the world is not at restful task. This past year’s adventures were indeed far from restful, with mighty highs and some notable lows. You could say…2016 started off by sending us a lot of lemons.

It is then, as I like to put it, the “Beyoncé” (her most recent album is called Lemonade) miracle came into being.

Of all the lemons, we made a great lemonade.

The early trials of 2016 brought us closer together as a company and as a team; testing our founding values of solidarity, sharing, listening, and above all, resilience.

Together, we rolled up our sleeves, united by shared values. Bound by a common vision and drive to reach a new direction for growth. These are some of the secret ingredients behind our 2016 lemonade.

Reason 2: 2016 made us grow…and it’s not over.

When life gives you lemons, you learn. It is undeniable; even more so when you make lemonade out of them. You learn about yourself, about others, but especially, you learn together. During the process, our culture has become richer, composed of new traditions and memories that are shared, transmitted, embedded in our daily activities. Our culture has become a solid foundation allowing us to attack the second phase of 2016: expansion.

We have built and rebuilt the future of Arcbees every day without sacrificing what makes us who and what we are. We challenge ourselves in this exciting phase to protect our corporate culture, to share it and inspire all the builders who want to change the world.

Our lemonade and its secret ingredients have enabled us not only to rise but also to grow.

Reason 3: 2016 inspired a mission.

When challenged, you must expose yourself to new ideas. At Arcbees, we take no half-measures. We took control of our future and set the stage for our new focus; one that will define the world of tomorrow: artificial intelligence.

We aim to become the linking force in the artificial intelligence community, to connect people with collaborators, curious minds with knowledge, businesses with opportunities, and partners with results.

Our mission for collaboration is an exceptional gateway to building a smarter city and a smarter world. We hope you will join us in connecting man and machine towards a better world. In 2017, assemble for AI. 


Reason 4: 2016 gave us the sacred fire for 2017*

* Yes, we give ourselves the right to add a fourth reason. The world belongs to rebels.

These past challenges and those who still await us are what gives us the fire, the heart, and the guts to always give the best of ourselves. We will experiment, succeed and sometimes fail. If doubt assails us, we will return to what is most precious: our team…and make more lemonade!

Thank you all for a heartening year. Thank you clients, partners, friends, and family for supporting us in this exciting adventure. We wish you a thrilling, beautiful, intelligent and benevolent 2017.

All the Arcbees team.

P.S. Never underestimate how inspiring a simple lemonade can be.