First Live GWT Q&A Session with Maxime Meriouma-Caron and Olivier Lafleur on GWT Chosen 3.0 Release

We are pleased to announce that we are going to hold our first live Q&A with Maxime Meriouma-Caron and Olivier Lafleur on October 7th.

Maxime and Olivier are both Arcbees’ employees who worked on the new release. This Q&A is a great opportunity to learn more about GWTChosen, or offer suggestions about how it can be improved for future releases.

You’ll also gain some insight into how we work at Arcbees, and get to know two of the Bees who contribute to and help support our open source projects.

  • Olivier is an Open Source and Open Web enthusiast. As our “community gardener”, he likes helping new Bees explore the Arcbees ecosystem, and really spread their wings.
  • Maxime is a passionate developer always up for new challenges who joined Arcbees in 2011. Over the past several years, he has contributed to GWTP and other open-source projects, including GWT-Chosen, Jukito, GWT-Query plugins, TeamCity plugins and GWT-SEO. He has also acquired significant expertise in the Google Cloud Platform, in his role as lead developer on many projects.

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GWT Live Q&A sessions are about to begin!

Important developments in GWT are underway all around the world, and the GWT Live Q&A sessions of Google+ Hangouts is your chance to connect with all of them. This monthly Hangout will feature a conversation, presentation or broadcast of a live event, plus an opportunity for you to ask GWT superstars from around the world your questions – about their presentation or about any other GWT issues you want to ask them.

How GWT Live! will Work

The event in itself will be held live on Google+. Each month, 2 weeks before the event, we will create a GWT Live! Event Page on Google+. Live sessions will last between 30 min and 1 hour depending on the topic and our guest. You will be able to follow it live and ask questions through Google+ or on Twitter using the hashtag #GWTQA. We will try to answer as many  questions as possible in the time we have.

GWT Live! Video Recordings

A video recording of each GWT Live! event will be posted to the Arcbees Youtube channel, and cross-posted to the Google+ Event Page for that Hangout, and on our Arcbees blog. We will also write a blog post after the event summarizing key points from the session, as well as providing answers to any questions we did not have time to address.

Join Us for the First Session

Arcbees is releasing a new version of one of our products this month, and we are making that the topic of our our first Q&A session. Our goal in releasing products is to make your life easier as a GWT developer, and we are eager to present our latest release to you and hear what you think about it.
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